Dans l'oeil du Sphinx. Claude Morin et les relations internationales du Québec.
Montréal : VLB (publisher), 2005, 241 p.
( Press Review, Reviews in Refereed Journals, Interviews.)

Reviews Quotations :

« …We can salute this constructive contribution to our knowledge of contemporary Quebec political history. »
― Nelson Michaud, professor at l'école nationale d'administration publique.

« Based on a serious documentation, in a clear and accessible language, Décary shows how Quebec, under Claude's Morin influence, managed to affirm itself on the International scene. »
― Paul Jacques, Books Section, Le Clap, no 129, February-April 2006.

« … We had to wait many years after the retirement of the principal character of this book before a curious and passionate researcher of the recent Quebec History produced a detailed account of this individual. »
― Louis Balthazar, Laval University emeritus professor.

« Décary's book, very well written with catchy and evocative titles, presents Morin as a man anxious to defend the rights of the people of Quebec. »
― Rober Aird, Research Assistant, Quebec History Chair Hector-Fabre, Université du Québec à Montréal.

« It reads itself like a novel with many rebonds. It's Quebec's Contemporary History happening right before your eyes. »
― Culture Hebdo,, novembre 2005.

Dans l'oeil du Sphinx : The Interviews

Interview with the publisher (VLB éditeur). Summer 2005.
[ Link (French) ]

Radio Interview at Radio-Canada (CBC -- Canada Broadcasting Corporation).
«Si on prenait le temps » with talk-show host Mr. Paul Ouellet.
February 5th 2006. [ Audio link (French) ]

Dans l'oeil du Sphinx : The Press Review

The publisher's complete list of media occurences.
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Samples :

Dans l'oeil du Sphinx : Reviews in Refereed Journals

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vol. 88, no 2, June 2007, p. 330-332.
[ Pdf file (French) ]

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[ Pdf file (French) ] and  on the website

Robert Aird.Bulletin d'Histoire politique,
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[ Pdf file (French) ]

Anne Legaré. Recherches sociographiques,
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[ Pdf file (French) ] and  on the website

Nelson Michaud. "A Political Science Analysis",
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[ Pdf file (French) ]